• Plans and coordinates major events, such as fundraising, team-building, activites, workshops, trauma and healing
  • Makes teams and delegates tasks
  • Plan group volunteering, school meetings, etc.
  • Coordinates necessities at events, i.e., speakers, medics, supplies, etc.
  • Collaborates with the Fundraising Committiee

"The duty of youth is to challenge corruption."



  • Creates fundraising events and ideas along with strategy
  • Identifies, coordinates and solicits funds from external sources of support
  • Writing funding applications and grants
  • Point of contact for investors, sponsors and collaborations
  • Represents the organizations to the community; enhances the orgs. image, including communication with the press
  • Attends meetings of other orgs.
  • Social Media administrations
  • Attends to press, interviews, news, radio, etc.
  • Designs flyers and press/media releases
  • Conducts specific research and/or data gathering to make decisions about a current/major function in the org.
  • Designing and using questionnaires
  • Designing and distributing educational curriculum and materials
  • Plans actions: who, what, when, where, why, who, purpose, etc.
  • Risk assessment
  • Possible licensing and regulations 
  • cross reference with other events
  • Consultation with other groups/orgs.



  • Develops new products and merchandise for sale
  • Price point and profit analysis
  • Responsible for promotion and sales of items

AR14 is a youth led and adult supported organization, as youth organizers we understand that we are often times over looked by others. We formed this group so our voices can be heard and our ideas can be taken seriously. Everything done in AR14 is by youth; from this website to action development, public relations and so on.  If you are youth and looking to become apart of AR14 or wanting to support as an individual, please message us! We are looking for youth with a very wide range of talents! There are many different ways to get involved from operations/event planning, being on the frontline during actions, writing press releases, creating art and so much more! We are organized by committees, below is our board structure and things you can possibly join!