As organizers we always have multiple projects in the works. For our next trauma and healing event we are currently working on hosting a large open mic night. If you would like to get involved or participate please feel free to message us!

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Minnesota State #aintFair

Consistant banner drops

Mansion Mondays

House to house voter registration in the Rondo Neighborhood​​

Flyer Fest

On Frogtown radio

If we don't get it rally

Shutting down Lexington & University light rail 


Look who's coming to dinner: Mayor's house pop up

Stop the pipeline water is life

Showing of the Black Power Mixtapes

Supporting the Jewish day of mourning

Trauma and Healing: Art day

In the short amount of time we established AR14 we have been able to leave a big impact on the community from constant direct and indirect actions! Below is a growing list of what we've been able to accomplish this far!

Justice for Philando rally


Know Your Rights, Cop Watch and Marshal training facilitated by GDC of IWW
Consistant banner drops

Shutting down Snelling & Larpenteur

Candlelight vigil for Philando Castile

Trauma and Healing: Story time with Ms. Lesley

Falcon Heights City Council "workshop"


GOP Candidate Fundraiser

​(No Trump in MN)

Rally Remembering Attica Uprising #attica45MN​

Volunteering at Central Fundraiser for Philando Castile Scholarship Funding

Trauma and Healing: Sexual Identity